Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin Painting

Every year I break out my craft supplies to paint pumpkins for a fun, non-traditional twist on fall decor.  Here is this year's crop, with instructions on how to make your own at home.  As always, mix it up however you want - the point is to get creative!

Painted Pumpkins


  • Pumpkins!
  • Matte acrylic craft paint
  • Metallic and glitter craft paint
  • Brushes & paint sponges in various sizes
  • Painter's tape

First, gently wash your pumpkins and set them out to dry.  Wait until they are completely dry to begin painting.

For the geometric, diagonal pumpkin, start by wrapping painter's tape around your pumpkin to define the line you want.  Press the tape firmly down on the pumpkin so there are not any gaps for paint to get into.  You can also use this method to create any kind of geometric color blocking or stripes. 

Pumpkin painter's tape

Next, paint on one side of the tape with the glitter paint.  I found the glitter paint easiest to apply with a sponge.  You may need to let it dry and apply multiple coats to get the full effect.  Let the glitter paint dry fully.  You can use a hair dryer to speed it up if you are feeling impatient.

Once all coats are dry, gently peel off the tape, being careful not pull off any paint with it.  You should have a nice even line.  You can leave it like this if you want (half orange pumpkin, half glitter), or you can paint the opposite side.  For this, use a smaller paintbrush to paint just up to the border of the glitter paint (you can't use tape this time, as it can pull off some of the glitter).  You can then fill in the larger areas with a large brush or sponge.  I used 2 coats to get a truly opaque finish.

Pumpkins Painted

For the other looks, paint the pumpkins a solid color first, and let it dry completely before the next step.  Same as above - you may need 2 coats, and you can use a hair dryer to help.

For the white pumpkin with the zig zag brush strokes, apply the lightest color of paint with a small brush, using brush strokes in a chevron pattern.  Once it is dry, add another darker brush stroke underneath each one, and a metallic or mid-tone color brush stroke above each one.  It doesn't have to be perfect - it actually looks great if it is a little messy!

For the ikat inspired pumpkin, using a smaller brush, paint on diamond shapes in a lighter color.  They don't have to be perfect either - a little messy and painterly is best!  Once that color dries, add smaller brush strokes in 2 different colors in a random pattern over the diamonds.

For the tiny blue and gold brush-dot pumpkins, use a small brush to apply messy brush stroke style polka dots all around the pumpkin.  Metallic paint makes this one especially festive!

Painted Pumpkins

Let your pumpkins dry and then put them out on display.  I usually keep these beauties out straight through November, so they are worth the extra effort, but if you are short on time, pumpkins painted solid non-traditional colors (hot pink, silver, etc) make a great statement too! 

Enjoy!  There will be more fall inspiration (including tasty treats...) coming soon!

Painted Pumpkins